NEEDLE EXCHANGE - (Copy and Paste)


THE COMPETITION IS OPEN TO ALL Architects, Interns, Artists, Designers, Students, Basically Anyone

OUTLINE - Needle Exchange - 2004, 1st Year

- The Philadelphia neighborhood Kensington, is said to have more heroin than any place else on earth. Heroin, is the Kensington economy. The neighbor- hood is ethnically mixed, 34% latino, 28% caucasian, and 43% African American. Diseases like aids and hepatitis are frequently contracted through needle sharing. The intent of this competition is to produce an appropriate place for a Needle Exchange, located at the 3000 block of E St. in Kensington. (see map) A portion of the program for this building will include a “SAFE ROOM”. It shall be a space reserved for the sole use of doing heroin. The SAFE ROOM is a place where addicted persons may be given a clean needle (in the exchange for a used needle), as well as a clean and safe room to use drugs in. This facility will also offer services like minor healthcare, education, and exposure to support groups like Narcotics Anonymous. Crime is a concern in this neighborhood. Any building function should be safe and secure.

Program Considerations -
- Lobby - Seating for 30 - Filing

EXAMINATION = 200 sq.ft each
-4 Individual exam rooms

SAFE ROOM = 5,000 sq.ft
- for 36 people

- Therapy (private) - Narcotics Anonymous

COMMON SPACE (private use) = 600 sq.ft

OUTDOOR SPACE = 1,000 sq.ft
- Garden - Fountain

STORAGE = 500 sq.ft
- Medical Supplies
- Laundry, washer/dryer
- Services, water, electric
- Biohazard

LOADING DOCK = variable sq.ft
- Connected to storage


REGULATORY CODES All competitors should be guided by the following codes -
The Americans with Disabilities Act
The BOCA National Building Code
The Universal Building Code

TWO 20”high X 30”wide boards, not exceeding 1/4” in thickness, oriented horizontally and side by side. The choice of drawing medium is not limited. No models will be accepted. These requirements will be strictly enforced. All presentations should include the competition name on at least one board in any location; -The FAARM Competition in Architecture

Site Plan: -plan 1/32” = 1’ Floor Plans - floor plan(s) 1/8” = 1’ - section(s) 1/8” = 1’ - elevation(s) 1/8” = 1’ - wall section 1/8” = 1’ - axonometric projection any scale - perspective interior or exterior

*On the back of each presentation board, in the bottom right hand corner of each board, tape an envelope containing your contact information, name, address, and phone number you can be reached. And in one envelope place your entry fee of $20.00, in the form of a check or certified money order.

McPherson Square Park The site is a pie shaped portion of McPherson square located at the 3000 block of E and F streets in Kensington, it is bordered by Clearfield St. to the north and Indiana Ave. to the south. The surrounding buildings are mostly residential. The southern most portion of the park is the original entry from Kensington Ave.. Kensington Ave. is currently the location of the overhead rail line. Located on the site is a free public library. The use of the site is mixed, there is the use of the library, some people exercise, some dog walkers, some prostitution, and some drug use and dealing. Although a formal entrance to the site already exists at Kensington Ave., the Needle Exchange will require its own. This entry should be located on either E or F streets.

The competition will be made available by web site ( on January 15, 2004, with all submissions postmarked or delivered by 7pm on Monday January 26th, 2004. Upon receipt of all submissions, the Managing Secretary will review all presentations making note of entries that have not met competition guidelines. The jury will be informed of these entries and may chose to disqualify any entry that has not met competition requirements.

Entry fee should be in the form of a check, or certified money order made out to FAARM. Entries that do not include the $20.00 fee will be admired, but will not be submitted for judging. WHERE TO DELIVER OR SEND YOUR SUBMISSION Submissions should be delivered or mailed to this address; MNB Architecture 726 S Hutchinson St. Phila., Pa. 19147 If mailed all presentations should be packed as follows; - Sandwich both boards between two pieces of cardboard, taping all edges and send to above address This is a competition for individuals, not groups or teams. This is an opportunity for the “uncompromising nature of a single designer”. Our hope is to expose individual design identities as well as the identity of the Philadelphia design community.

Six finalists will be chosen for exhibition, with three winners chosen by the jury. A cash prize generated from entry fees will go to the first place winner. The first place prize will be all profits remaining after expense of securing a gallery for the display of work, acquisition of beer and wine on opening night of the exhibition, as well as any other expense incurred in organizing this competition and display there of. The more entries submitted, the greater the prize. The exhibition and party will be held on Friday March 12th at 7pm, at the SAW TOOTH BUILDING located at 2000 Howard St, at the corner of Howard and Norris streets in the JNOGI neighborhood. See map quest for directions. The SAW TOOTH BUILDING is a 23,000 sq. ft. space dedicated for the sole use of this exhibit. Accompanying the exhibit will be a small trapeze show.